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    All About The Turn+ Table Lamp — A Unique Fixture To Uplift Interiors!

    All About The Turn+ Table Lamp — A Unique Fixture To Uplift Interiors!

    Running around your home all day? How about a table lamp to follow you around — and illuminate the spaces around you? Whether you’re working from your patio or whipping up a meal in the kitchen, the lamp will be your best buddy, providing light for all your daily tasks. Dim it to create a romantic and laid-back ambiance in your room, putting the perfect end to the day.

    In that regard, the ultra-modern and sleek Nao Tamura Turn+ table lamp will do the job! It is absolutely stunning in appearance and compact in build, making the ideal selection for a rechargeable table lamp.

    Keep reading to learn all about the Turn+ table lamp, including its heritage, function, design, and instructions on use. 

    Heritage & Culture

    The Turn+ table lamp was designed by the New York-based Japanese designer, Nao Tamura, in 2019. She created it for the Japanese lighting brand, Ambientec, after her initial design of the work and desk lamp, Turn. For the upgraded version, Turn+, Tamura drew inspiration from natural light and the sleek silhouette of classic lanterns.

    In Tamura’s words, “Light is a powerful symbol of vitality and hope, and TURN+ is intended to be a light that you keep close by, to keep you company through all the moods and moments of your life. A lamp that you light by gently touching it is one that can create a strong sensory and emotional bond,”.

    As such, the Turn+ lamp was made to be a versatile creation, ideal for all interiors. Its gentle-touch functionality demonstrates its design — more on that below!


    The design of Nao Tamura’s Turn+ table lamp captures the essence of a traditional lantern in a rather modern lighting fixture. It illustrates artisanal craftsmanship and the use of fine materials to create a lamp that has a sleek and compact build.

    As such, you can easily carry it around in your space. Along with providing optimal functionality (keep reading to learn about the various functions it serves with its dimming properties), it adds to the visual aesthetics of the space. 

    The body of the Turn+ table lamp is made from brass, aluminum, or stainless steel and features a matte black finish. The inner “+” sign is made from zinc. Each of these are durable materials, making the fixture sturdy and strong. It has a crystal glass diffuser, featuring carved, honed, and polished glass. This allows natural refraction, producing light with great depth. The light source serving the purpose is a “sunny side up” LED.


    Nao Tamura’s Turn+ table lamp is rechargeable, and can provide over 500 hours of light when fully charged. It has an integrated touch sensor and two types of LED segments. This makes it easy to adjust the light between the three different dimming options (i.e., 40%, 70%, and 100%). From providing an intimate, candle-like glow to a bright light perfect for celebrations and gatherings, the Turn+ will be by your side in more instances than one.

    However, the function of Turn+ is beyond general illumination. It serves as a stunning lighting fixture that easily doubles as decor, thus providing double duty.



    Turn+ is rechargeable and can be carried around when charged. It is waterproof, meaning that it can be used outdoors, in gardens, on patios, and on balconies. Its portability is complemented by its quality of being wireless; you’ll have no hassle of lingering wires and the associated unnecessary mess.

    How To Use

    Nao Tamura Turn+ is very convenient to use. It can be switched on and off (and switched between the various brightness levels) with a gentle touch. This also helps create a very sensory and emotional connection.

    How To Charge

    The main body of the lamp is placed on the charger stand. This causes the status indicator lamp to switch on. When the lamp is fully charged, this light will switch off, and the product can be unplugged. The light may also be used while charging — use the dimming sensor to switch it on and off.

    Where To Purchase

    Many brands sell the Nao Tamura Turn+ table lamp — but at Cleanlino, we offer it at discounted prices! Head over to our website to snag some of the best prices you’ll find for this product in the market.


    The Turn+ table lamp was a stunning portable lighting fixture designed by the Japanese designer, Nao Tamura. Its matte black finish paired with its unique structure makes it one of a kind, and its various brightness levels make it the perfect addition to any space and for any purpose! 

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