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    How Cordless Table Lamps Change Your Life

    How Cordless Table Lamps Change Your Life

    Whether you want to arrange a family get-together or simply want to set up a reading corner to steal a few beautiful moments of solitude from your busy routine, creating the perfect atmosphere with the right lighting is a must. As such, bringing in some creative lighting through cordless table lamps in different shades and shapes can be a great idea. 

    Cordless table lamps — designed to improve the functionality and beauty of homes — rely on batteries to operate, thus eliminating the dependence on an external power source. You can choose from disposable batteries (that have to be thrown out once used) and rechargeable batteries (that can be recharged using an electric source). These modern illuminators are versatile, portable, dimmable, and available in various styles and colors. 

    That’s not where it ends — give this blog a read to learn about the incredible benefits cordless lamps bring to you (and your home) and how they change your life!


    The lightweight and rechargeable batteries allow you to carry them with you anywhere you go. Lamps with incorporated handles  (like Gyros) are not only easy to carry but if you’re creative enough with your location, they can also be hung somewhere to provide maximum illumination. 

    The portability of these lights doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to go on a camping trip or somewhere away from your home to reap the benefits. You can even take them to your patio, backyard, pool, or deck and use them as table lighting, accent lighting, or light up the dark areas your wired outdoor lighting doesn’t reach. 

    Cleanlinos Gyros Table Lamp


    An on-the-go lifestyle is an opportunity everyone strives for. Advanced technologies have made our lives a lot easier, and cordless lamps are another such example that have been introduced to make day-to-day tasks smoother and quicker. 

    These lamps make sure that your outdoor (and indoor) activities don’t end with the sunset. For example, if you want to work while enjoying the weather outside, opt for the Aonani battery-operated lamp to illuminate anything you have on your patio tabletop. 

    Additionally, you can also place them on your dinner table for a warm and intimate dinner with your partner. They will provide functional light along with creating a decorative statement piece. 

    Cleanlinos Aonani Battery-Operated Lamp

    Fun Features

    Another way these luxurious cordless table lamps one up the old models are through their fun and exciting features. 

    LED bulbs — incorporated in many battery lamps — are available in different colors, allowing you to set different moods according to the event. For example, I chose the yellow and pink flowerpot cordless lamps to set a fun and hip vibe in our backyard nightclub. Our guests fell in love with the perfect ambiance these lights created! 

    Cleanlinos Flower Pot Cordless Lamp 

    Helps Improve Sleep Schedule 

    Cordless table lamps are dimmable. This means you can alter the brightness according to the time of the day. You may turn them down for a dim, soft light when you want to sleep and turn them up when you want to use them for reading one of the bestsellers with a cup of hot chocolate in bed. Such adjustments regulate the body’s internal “sleep clock,” which helps improve your sleep schedule.

    Opting for a Kranos table lamp for your bedside table also frees you from the hassle of looking for a switch or crashing your toes in the dark after turning off the lights. Just simply tap their dome to turn on/off the light. If you want to change the brightness level, tap and hold the dome till the desired level is reached. 

    Cleanlinos Kranos Table Lamp

    Accommodate Times Of Power Outage 

    In countries where blackouts are common, cordless table lamps are lifesavers. 

    I’ve been using the Barber And Osgerby’s Bellhop for a couple of months now, and I can surely say it is absolutely worth it — no more looking for torches or lighting up candles! These modern illuminators light up our space adequately and save us so much time otherwise wasted waiting for the power to be restored. 

    The best part is that various cordless lamps have a device that alerts you when the battery is too low. So you don’t have to worry about being plunged into darkness in the middle of a task. 

    Cleanlinos  Barber And Osgerby’s Bellhop

    Efficient Space Usage 

    Cordless lamps are compact and do not require too much space. From floating shelves and kitchen islands to dining tables and bedside tables, you can squeeze them into any place you want to adorn and illuminate! 

    I’ve placed a set of three Nao Tamura Turn battery lamps on our dining table, and believe me, they’ve made our dinners a lot more special and distinct.


    Clealinos Nao Tamura Turn battery lamps

    Final Words 

    Battery-powered lamps can upgrade your life by making it more efficient. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yours now! 

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