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    The Ultimate Guide To Why You Need A VP9 Table Lamp

    The Ultimate Guide To Why You Need A VP9 Table Lamp

    It’s often the small things in life that make a huge difference — it might be a pair of earrings to complete your attire or a pinch of salt to enhance your lemonade taste. The same applies to interior decor. Lamps are one such minor yet effective accessory that will not only make your home a more practical space but will also act as a beautiful decorative feature that will beautify your interior like never before. 

    From torchiere and desk lamps to bedside and VP9 lamps, the wide variety of options available might make it daunting to choose the right lamp for your space. So, to help you make the best decision, we’ll discuss the benefits and uses of one of the best portable light fixtures — VP9 table lamps. 

    Heritage & Culture 

    The flowerpot VP9 LED cordless table lamp was designed by Verner Panton for a brand named “&Tradition.” It was inspired by the love, peace, and the Flower Power era of the 60s and became a chic design icon soon after its launch. Panton, one of Denmark’s finest designers, had the privilege of making a strong reputation with the invention of this incredible fixture. 

    Being a classic freewheeling style of the 1960s, the VP9 lamp has been remodeled and refined to delight and accommodate the modern generation’s modern needs. 


    The VP9 table lamp has a PC shade and body with a steel knob and USB port. The rounded silhouette at the base and the top expresses the experimental and creative attitude of the designer while also making it a stylish addition to your space. It comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, pink, light blue, dark green, gloss white, matte black, red, and grey, which means it can complement multiple design styles and themes. 


    A VP9 lamp has wonderful characteristics. They are battery-operated and cordless, give off soft diffused lighting, and offer a dimmable LED to allow varying the light intensity between three different levels (100%, 50%, and 20%). Additionally, setting them up does not require much effort, and their tap operation makes them super easy to operate. 


    Light (weighing around 0.8 kgs) and small, rechargeable and wireless, these handy illuminators can be moved anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Its long battery discharge of 12 hours makes it even more convenient and functional. 

    They can lend a luxe touch to your outdoor dinners and introduce a pop of color to any room you place them in. Nightstands, living rooms, work desks, reading nooks, gardens, and terraces are a few spots where they can be set to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere with the zero glare and warm glow they cast.



    VP9 table lamps are simple and easy-to-use fixtures. All you need to do is tap the dome to switch them on or off. For cycling the light intensity between muted to bright, tap and hold the dome for a few seconds. 

    The lamp needs to be charged (with the USB cable included in the packaging) for about 8 hours, after which it can be moved around for as long as half a day. Alternatively, you can look for a switch near the area you want to place the lamp and keep the USB cord connected to avoid draining the battery. 

    Additional Facilities 

    Apart from the basic illumination colors, the VP9 lamp at Cleanlino includes specialized lighting facilities, such as color tunable (CRI80) and premium warm white (CR197+). The former offers standard lighting that can switch between daylight white, warm, and neutral. Whereas the latter has an ultra-high color rendering index that has the capability to relax minds, calm senses, and elevate moods. It is not found in other residential applications due to its rare materials and high cost. 

    Where Can You Find The Best VP9 Table Lamps?

    There are different places, such as lightology, nordicnest, lumens, cult design, etc., where you can find the iconic VP9 table lamps. 

    Our favorite store to shop them is Cleanlino. They offer the best quality, suitable prices, and even tons of discount offers and deals! What’s even better is that they even have a 3-year full warranty service, so you don’t have to worry about your money going down the drain. 


    Without a doubt, the VP9 table lamps can give your space a stunning upgrade in no time. The wide range of models with customizable finishes of the utmost quality ensures that the piece you choose completes your decor and helps you create the perfect ambiance. When contrasted with other textures in the room, they can add visual interest and balance to your home. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Go get yours now! 

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