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    Top 5 Best Battery-Operated Lamps 2022

    Top 5 Best Battery-Operated Lamps 2022

    We don’t always have electrical outlets nearby when we need illumination. And sometimes, we wish we could just switch off that light without getting out of bed. A torch may come in handy, but it’s not a permanent solution. And using extension cables and cords can take away from the aesthetic of the space, and even make you trip over.

    Whether you’re looking for a portable lighting solution or a minimalist aesthetic free of cords, a battery-operated table lamp is what you need! These cordless lamps work similarly to traditional models, but without location restrictions and the hassle of getting up to access them. The new technology in lighting really has revolutionized the way we illuminate our spaces!

    If you’re up to purchase your very own portable lighting solution, here is my comprehensive list of the top 5 best battery-operated lamps 2022! As an employee at Cleanlino, I will be sharing the products that I absolutely LOVE and use at home, too. *wink*

  • Flowerpot Table Lamp 1968

  • Available in 8 different color variations, the Flowerpot table lamp is a high-quality cordless lamp with a unique, dome-shaped design. Its simplistic design resembles the flower power movement of the 1960s — also where it gets its name from.

    This battery-operated lamp lasts 10 hours when fully charged and offers dimming with a touch. It also comes in a plug-in version (available in several different plugs).

    The Flowerpot table lamp produces even lighting, making it ideal for use on a desk or table lamp. Whether you’re working in your in your basement or sipping on coffee on the porch, this cordless lamp will be your best buddy and illuminate the space wherever you go!

    In my home, I’ve placed the Flowerpot table lamp on my desk. In fact, it’s my work buddy, and I take it along when my workstation is my garden or poolside, too!

    Cleanlino’s Flowerpot Table Lamp

  • Nao Tamura Turn — Table Lamp

  • The Nao Tamura Turn table lamp has a pared-down style, making it suitable for every interior design style. This lamp comes in three finishes: stainless steel, modern brass, and aluminum black. So, whether you’re looking for a warm gold tone or a gothic black one, Nao Tamura Turn has you covered!

    Moreover, it is controlled by a touch sensor. You can vary the brightness between 40%, 70%, and 100% with just a tap — and create a soft and subtle glow while making a sleek design statement. The Nao Tamura Turn recharges with any USB cable, and lasts for more than 10 days when fully charged.

    Cleanlino’s Nao Tamura Turn table lamp

  • Barber And Osgerby's Bellhop — Table Lamp

  • Featuring a high-gloss finish and sophisticated style, Barber and Osgerby’s Bellhop table contributes to a simply stunning ambiance. It comes in five beautiful color variations. Personally, I have placed each one of these colors on my outdoor table — and ever since, I’ve enjoyed summer nights on my patio all the more!

    Barber and Osgerby’s Bellhop has a USB port to facilitate charging and lasts up to 24 hours when fully charged. Its cutting-edge lighting technology produces a subtle, nuanced light. Additionally, it has a push-down button that offers 4-step dimming, so you can illuminate the space based on your needs. 

    Cleanlino’s Barber And Osgerby's Bellhop table lamp

  • Nao Tamura Turn+ Table Lamp

  • Looking to create a unique design statement in your home whilst showcasing artisanal craftsmanship? Look no further than the Nao Tamura Turn+ table lamp! Mimicking the silhouette and build of a lantern, this lamp draws inspiration from natural light — and is sure to turn heads in your interior.

    It comes in brass gold, black aluminum, and stainless steel — allowing you to choose the finish based on the theme of your space. Moreover, it lasts over 10 days with a single charge, and offers three different levels of brightness. 

    Nao Tamura Turn+ is ideal to use on living room shelves, desks, and bedside tables, though it would equally shine on your patio or dining table. Personally, I love illuminating my garden with these lamps during the night, and using them as decor pieces on recessed shelving during the day!

    Cleanlino’s Nao Tamura Turn+ Table Lamp

  • Ellen Table Lamp 

  • On a budget? The Ellen table lamp has your back! It is minimalist and contemporary, featuring a svelte aluminum body and round lampshade. Its compact build makes it ideal to use as a centerpiece on tables (even for restaurants!), and comes in gold, rose gold, and silver.

    It has three different levels of touch dimming settings, and requires a long press to adjust between the various levels. It also offers three different color temperatures (white, warm, and natural light)! It recharges with any USB and is battery-operated. 

    Cleanlino’s Ellen table lamp

    Snag One Of The Top 5 Best Battery-Operated Lamps!

    The top 5 best battery-operated lamps listed in this blog post provide functionality by evenly illuminating the space and add to the visual aesthetics. Moreover, you can take them around your house — and outdoors — for a well-lit space. With major discounts currently available at Cleanlino (saving up to a whopping $450), there’s no better time to snag your battery-operated table lamp than now! Click here to choose your favorite and adorn your home today!

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