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International Design Studio

    about us

    In the heart of Montreal, Sophia was a young graduate who had a passion for creating beautiful and functional home lighting and decor. She grew up in a family of artists and was inspired by the colors and patterns of the world around her. After completing her education in design, Sophia started her own company with the aim of bringing innovative lighting solutions and contemporary decor to the modern home.

    Cleanlino quickly gained popularity for its bold and unique designs that combined function and form to create a perfect ambiance for any space. Products ranged from smart lighting solutions to minimalist decor pieces that could elevate any room's aesthetic.

    As Cleanlino's reputation grew, Sophia began working with a team of talented designers and engineers to create an even more extensive range of products. 

    Today, Cleanlino has become synonymous with modern home decor and lighting solutions. Cleanlino continues to expand, with new designs and innovative technology being developed regularly. Sophia's vision has transformed the way people see home lighting and decor, and her brand is now one of the leading names in the industry.

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